How to display the pdf in Android ?

Quick start incorporating a PDF viewing activity into your project:

1) Add PdfViewer.jar into your project’s build path

2) Copy the following drawable resources from PdfViewer/res/drawable into YourProject/res/drawable left_arrow.png right_arrow.png zoom_in.png zoom_out.png

3) Copy the following layout resources from PdfViewer/res/layout into YourProject/res/layout dialog_pagenumber.xml pdf_file_password.xml

4) Derive your PDF activity from net.sf.andpdf.pdfviewer.PdfViewerActivity

5) Using the default drawables and layouts:

public int getPreviousPageImageResource() { return R.drawable.left_arrow; }

public int getNextPageImageResource() { return R.drawable.right_arrow; }

public int getZoomInImageResource() { return R.drawable.zoom_in; }

public int getZoomOutImageResource() { return R.drawable.zoom_out; }

public int getPdfPasswordLayoutResource() { return R.layout.pdf_file_password; }

public int getPdfPageNumberResource() { return R.layout.dialog_pagenumber; }

public int getPdfPasswordEditField() { return; }

public int getPdfPasswordOkButton() { return; }

public int getPdfPasswordExitButton() { return; }

public int getPdfPageNumberEditField() { return; }

6) Invoke your PdfViewActivity derived with the following code:

Intent intent = new Intent(this, YourPdfViewerActivity.class);

intent.putExtra(PdfViewerActivity.EXTRA_PDFFILENAME, "PATH TO PDF GOES HERE");


Download the source code and demo code from below link here



EDIT:  Another pdf viewer source for free  at github.

Find the reference  Post by Andhradroid.