FragmentTabHost in Android with Bottom Tabs

FragmentTabHost in Android with Bottom Tabs

This is example shows how to use FragmentTabhost in android. 

  1. Withing Fragment

  2. Using in FragmentActivity

  3. Tabs at Bottom. (New)

    Most of the developers are facing this problem, I finally got the solution after i spent a few hours on it.It would be helpful to face this who r trying to make iphone like tabs(Bottom Tabs Feature ).


4 thoughts on “FragmentTabHost in Android with Bottom Tabs

  1. Many thanks for this. I struggled for a while to get the nested fragments working, got it working and then saw your post. When you setup the tab host in Fragment 3 why do you pass I didn’t have this in mine (it worked) but the content of the tab always appeared over the tabs and thus they were not visible.

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